Vivir Así

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Vivir Así
Studio album by Mijares
Released 2009 (2009)
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Pop
Label Warner Music México
Producer Scott Erickson
Mijares chronology
Hablemos de Amor
Vivir Así

Vivir Así (English Living like this) is the 19th studio album by Mexican pop singer Mijares. It was produced by Scott Erickson. It has the song "Vivir Así" written by Camilo Sesto and it is the leading single of the album. Mijares signed up with Warner Music México a new contract for his renewed career.


Since its release (August 25, 2009) in Mexico has resulted a huge success in popularity and sales . The album reached Gold status in his country and stayed for seven consecutive weeks in the position #3 of the sale charts.

This album is an amazing concept album that it's produced and arranged Scott Erickson. It includes 13 romantic covers of some of the most successful songs in Spanish language. Due to the excellent work, the critics and public have hailed Mijares for his professional development. The disc presents some duets with popular singer in the Pop music: Ricardo Arjona, Daniela Romo, Pandora and Fela.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Vivir así
  2. Mentira
  3. Si tú supieras
  4. Mujeres (with Arjona)
  5. Como te amé
  6. Vuelve
  7. Hasta que me olvides (with Fela)
  8. Quien piensa en ti
  9. Para ti yo estoy (with Daniela Romo & Pandora)
  10. Puede ser genial
  11. Uno dos tres
  12. Vivir sin aire
  13. You are so beautiful

Covered Singers[edit]

Reference list[edit]

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