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Vivo may refer to:

Computer and technology[edit]

  • vivo Electronics, a Chinese electronics manufacturer
  • Video-in video-out (VIVO), a graphics port which enables bidirectional analog video transfer
  • Vivo Software, streaming format, acquired in 1998 by RealNetworks
  • VivoActive, Vivo Software's video format
  • Vivo (telecommunications), a major Brazilian mobile phone company
  • Vivo Miles, an online school merit system where 'Vivos' can be traded for real-life objects, from pens to Xbox 360s
  • HTC Vivo, HTC's internal codename for the HTC Incredible S smartphone


  • Vivo, Limpopo is a town in the far north of South Africa
  • VivoCity, the largest shopping mall in Singapore

Music and television[edit]


See also[edit]

  • Ex vivo, refers to studies or experiments done outside an organism
  • In vivo, refers to studies or experiments done on living organisms