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Vivobarefoot is a minimalist running shoe company. Their technology, invented by Tim Brennan and developed by British shoe company Terra Plana, is aimed at offering the optimum biomechanics and posture commonly associated with walking barefoot and barefoot running and advocated within the barefoot movement and barefoot running community.[1] It has been described as "as close to going barefoot in the city as you can get."[2] The most prominent shoe using this technology is their Evo running shoe.

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  2. ^ Sternbergh, Adam (21 April 2008). "You Walk Wrong". New York Magazine. New York Media Holdings. Retrieved 3 March 2010. Brennan brought his shoe to Clark, and after some modifications, they came up with a very flexible leather shoe with a three-millimeter sole made of rubber and puncture-resistant DuraTex that they call the Vivo Barefoot. 

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