Vizcaíno Island

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Isla Vizcaíno in the Arroyo Yaguarí

The Isla Vizcaíno is an island in Uruguay located on the estuary of the Yaguarí creek, the northern arm of the estuary of the Río Negro (Uruguay) of the Uruguay River. It is bordered by the South Black River on the East and the Vizcaíno creek to the east, the Uruguay River to the North and the Arroyo Yaguarí on the West.


The first European settlement on the island came when Jesuits founded the mission of Santo Domingo de Soriano on Isla Vizcaino in 1624, though the mission later relocated to the mainland.[1]


  1. ^ Tim Burford Uruguay 2010 p13 " ... in Uruguay came in 1624, when the Jesuits founded the mission of Santo Domingo de Soriano, on Isla Vizcaino (later"

Coordinates: 33°21′36″S 58°22′55″W / 33.360°S 58.382°W / -33.360; -58.382