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Vizovice chateau

Vizovice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈvɪzovɪtsɛ]; German: Wisowitz) is a town with about 4,598 inhabitants in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic.

The first recorded reference to the community was in 1261. Vizovice received town privileges in 1498. The annual Masters of Rock Heavy metal festival takes place in Vizovice. It is also home to famous Rudolf Jelínek's distillery, founded in 1812. Jelínek was the inventor of many liquors, such as apricot brandy, among others.

The Vizovice Chateau is a major attraction.

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Coordinates: 49°13′12″N 17°51′4″E / 49.22000°N 17.85111°E / 49.22000; 17.85111