Vizovice Highlands

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Lačnovské rock formations of the Vizovice Highlands

The Vizovice Highlands (in Czech, Vizovická vrchovina) is an area of relatively modest but rugged highlands within the Zlin Region of the Czech Republic, named for the town of Vizovice.

Geologically the highlands are part of the Slovak-Moravian Carpathians of the Outer Western Carpathians.

The highest peak of the Vizovice Highlands is Klášťov, at 753 meters above sea level. The entire mountainous region covers an area of 1399 square kilometers, and has an average height of 339 meters. The primary composition of the range is Carpathian flysch.

The Dřevnice River, among others, originates here, and the towns include Vizovice, Zlin, Uherský Brod, and the spa town of Luhačovice.

Coordinates: 49°12′32″N 17°56′44″E / 49.20889°N 17.94556°E / 49.20889; 17.94556