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The prior logo of Medialaan, when it was still known as VTM.

Medialaan is a Belgian company, best known as parent company of the first Flemish commercial television station: VTM.


Medialaan was founded in 1987 as Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij by nine Flemish newspaper and magazine publishers, each with an 11.1% share, Perexma, Roularta, TVV, IUM, Almaspar, De Vlijt, Hoste, Concentra, and Drukkerij Het Volk. Several TV and radio sister stations, generally targeting a more specific segment of the Flemish audience (such as youth), have been added. Since 1998, De Persgroep and the Roularta Media Group each have a 50% share of the company. On 31 May 1999 the name was changed to Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa) (English: Flemish Media Company), and in February 2014 the name was again changed to Medialaan (meaning 'media avenue'), reflecting the street in Vilvoorde on which it is located.[1]

It's the main competitor of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT; their rivalry even has a nickname 'Mediaoorlog', and it supposed suspension Pax media. Woestijnvis, which incorporated the former Flemish SBS-stations, is a more distant third, other stations are minor.

Television channels[edit]

Current channels

  • VTM - The oldest and most popular TV station of the Medialaan. Used for mainstream series and programs.
  • Q2 (formerly known as 2BE, Kanaaltwee, Kanaal 2 and Ka 2) - The station is used mainly for trying out own work and imported series and movies.
  • Vitaya - Lifestyle TV station.
  • CAZ (formerly known as acht) - TV station targeting men with mainly movies, stand-up comedy and American series.
  • VTMKZOOM - TV station for the kids.
  • Kadet - TV station for boys.

Former channels

  • JIM (2001-2015) - Youngster and music TV station
  • VTMzomer (2006) - Summer themed channel
  • VTMkerst (2006-2007) - Christmas themed channel
  • Vitaliteit (2007-2012) - Health & healthy food themed channel
  • anne - (2009-2016) - Flemish music only channel
  • Lacht (2013-2016) - Comedy channel

Radio (Qgroup)[edit]

Qgroup is the holding for the radiostations of Medialaan. The group is active in Belgium & The Netherlands.

Currently owned radio stations

  • Qmusic (Belgium & The Netherlands)
  • JOE (Belgium)

Former radio stations

Mobile operators[edit]

Medialaan owns 2 MVNO's

On Demand[edit]

Medialaan has 2 on demand services:


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