Vlaardingen Oost metro station

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Vlaardingen Oost
Vlaardingen station Oost.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 51°54′37″N 4°21′43″E / 51.91028°N 4.36194°E / 51.91028; 4.36194Coordinates: 51°54′37″N 4°21′43″E / 51.91028°N 4.36194°E / 51.91028; 4.36194
Line(s) Schiedam–Hoek van Holland railway
Opened 17 August 1891
Vlaardingen Oost is located in Randstad
Vlaardingen Oost
Vlaardingen Oost
Location within Randstad

Vlaardingen Oost is a metro station in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands. The station is located on the Schiedam–Hoek van Holland railway. It was opened on 17 August 1891.

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen stopped operating the line, including Vlaardingen Oost railway station, on 1 April 2017. After reconstruction, the line will be transferred to Rotterdam Metro. The opening of the metro line is expected in September 2017.[1]

Train services[edit]

Currently closed for reconstruction, the station has a temporary coach service for Vlaardingen Oost.


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