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Vladan Nikolic
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Vladan Nikolic is a Serbian independent film director, screenwriter and film producer.[1]


Nikolic has taught film directing, production, and digital filmmaking classes at various universities, including New York University. He is Dean of the School of Media Studies at The New School.[2]

His book "Independent Filmmaking and Digital Convergence - Transmedia and Beyond" was published by Routledge/Focal Press in 2017.[3]

His awards include the TV Sarajevo Award and Zeta Film Award for Best Screenplay,[4] Telluride Indiefest Best Film Award,[5] and Tiburon International Film Festival Golden Reel Award.[6] His feature film Love premiered at the Venice and Tribeca film festivals to critical acclaim[7] and went on to win awards at film festivals in Geneva, Switzerland, and Barcelona, Spain.[8] His subsequent film Zenith, incorporated an extensive transmedia project, expanding the film over multiple platforms, including theatrical, video, and online releases.[9][10]



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