Vladilen Nikitin

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Vladilen Nikitin
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers
In office
27 July 1989 – 31 August 1990
Premier Nikolai Ryzhkov
Minister of Agriculture
In office
28 May – 23 November 1985
Premier Nikolai Ryzhkov
Preceded by Vitaly Vorotnikov
Succeeded by Victor Nikonov
Personal details
Born (1936-10-30) 30 October 1936 (age 79)
Nationality Russian
Political party Communist Party
Alma mater Omsk Agricultural Institute
Higher Party School

Vladilen Nikitin (Russian: Владилен Никитин; born 30 October 1936) is a Russian engineer and politician. He served as first deputy premier during the Gorbachev Era.

Early life and education[edit]

Nikitin was born in 1936.[1] He attended the Omsk Agricultural Institute and then the Higher Party School at the CPSU Central Committee and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.[1]


Nikitin worked as senior engineer until 1976 when he was appointed chairman of the Tyumen Oblast.[1][2] In 1985, he became minister of agriculture in 1985 and then first deputy chairman of the state agroindustrial committee, Gosagroprom.[1][3] He served as first deputy prime minister under the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.[4] He was also appointed chairman of the state commission for food and purchasing, becoming the first executive of the body.[3] He was fired by Gorbachev on 31 August 1990 due to cigarette shortage which caused demonstrations in Moscow.[4]


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