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Vladimír Neff (June 13, 1909, Prague – July 2, 1983, Prague) was a popular Czech writer and translator. He wrote numerous historical novels, political satires and parodies on criminal stories and adventure tales.

He is best known for his historical novels, especially the pentalogy Reasonable marriages, Emperor's violets, Mean blood, The happy widow and The royal charioteer (Sňatky z rozumu, Císařské fialky, Zlá krev, Veselá vdova a Královský vozataj) and the satirical pseudo-historical trilogy depicting the travels and adventures of an imaginary nobleman Petr Kukaň z Kukaně (Peter Coop from Coop) consisting of the books Queens have no legs, The ring of the Borgias and The beautiful sorceress (Královny nemají nohy, Prsten Borgiů a Krásná čarodějka).

He was the father of the contemporary science-fiction writer Ondřej Neff.

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