Vladimír Skalička

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Vladimír Skalička
Born (1909-08-19)19 August 1909
Prague, Austria-Hungary
Died 17 January 1991(1991-01-17) (aged 81)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Fields Linguistics
Institutions Charles University in Prague
Alma mater Charles University in Prague
Known for Morphological typology
Spouse Alena Skaličková

Vladimír Skalička (19 August 1909 – 17 January 1991) was a Czech professor, linguist, translator, and polyglot. A member of the influential Prague School of linguists and literary critics and a corresponding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, he is credited with further developing morphological typology.[1][2][3]

Life and work[edit]

Skalička was born on 19 August 1909 in Prague, then part of Austria-Hungary. His grandfather was Czech painter Josef Mánes.[2] He became associated with the Prague School while studying at Charles University in Prague, at which he habilitated in 1935, writing on Finno-Ugric linguistics.[3][4] He remained at the university, and in 1946 was appointed professor there, founding the department of linguistics and phonetics.[3] He continued to write until late into his life in a number of languages, collaborating with a number of other linguists including his wife, Alena Skaličková.[5]

His work included translation and comparative studies of languages, and was reported to have a basic understanding of approximately 1200 languages and dialects.[2]

He developed morphological typology into five categories, classifying languages into isolating, agglutinating, inflectional, introflectional, and polysynthetic.[2]


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