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Imakaev in 2011

Vladimir Imakaev (born June 8, 1982) is an author from Odessa, Ukraine. His books include The Paradise Trilogy which consists of Mystery of the Past, Broken Chronicles, (which have sold an estimated 50-60 thousand copies in his native Russia), the upcoming World Behind The Horizon and the unrelated Door To The Solstice. His other works include a number of short stories published in Russian magazines and an novella yet be released in Russia, entitled Aion: The Calling which is based in the world of the popular MMORPG released by NCSoft.

An English translation of Mystery of the Past was released on March 22, 2010.

His work resides mainly in a Christian background, although, is accessible to both people of Christian and other faiths. He is one of the youngest successful authors in Europe and one of the first to write Christian-based fiction in Russia.

Personal life[edit]

Imakaev immigrated to the United States in 2003 and currently resides in Meridian, Idaho a suburb of Boise. He holds a bachelor's degree in Theology from the Source of Life Bible College of Zaporizhia, Ukraine, and
has served as a youth pastor in his home town of Sudak as well as in the United States. He is also fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

He is divorced but has two children, Angelina Vladi and Vlad III.

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