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Vladimir Makanin in Bilbao, 2011

Vladimir Semyonovich Makanin (Russian: Владимир Семёнович Маканин; born 13 March 1937 in Orsk, Soviet Union) is a Russian writer.[1][2]


Makanin is a writer of novels and short stories. He graduated from Moscow State University and worked as a mathematician in the Military Academy until the early 1960s. In 1963 he took a course in scriptwriting, and then worked in the publishing house Sovietskiy Pisatel (The Soviet Writer). Makanin's writing style may be categorized as realist. His forte lies in depicting the psychological impact of everyday life experiences.

English translations[edit]

  • Antileader, from The New Soviet Fiction, Abbeville Press, NY, 1989.
  • Baize-Covered Table With Decanter, Readers International, 1995.
  • Escape Hatch, and The Long Road Ahead, Ardis Publishers, 1996.
  • The Loss, Northwestern University Press, 1998.

Selected bibliography[edit]

  • Straight line (Прямая линия), novel 1965
  • Blue and Red, (Голубое и красное) novel 1975
  • The Portrait and Around (Портрет и вокруг), novel 1978
  • Antileader, novel 1980
  • Ancestor, novel 1982
  • He and She, novel 1987
  • The Underground, or a Hero of Our Time, (Андерграунд, или Герой нашего времени) novel 1999
  • Asan, (Acaн), novel 2008



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