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Vladimir Milov (Russian: Влади́мир Станисла́вович Мило́в, b. 18 June 1972) is a Russian politician and the president of the Institute of Energy Policy, a Moscow-based independent think tank.[1] He is the former Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Milov graduated from Moscow State Mining University on 1994. In 1997–2001, he worked for the natural monopoly regulator of Russia, the Federal Energy Commission of Russia, serving in 1999–2001 as the head of its economic analysis department. In 2001 he headed an expert team within the Center for Strategic Research, a government-linked think tank.[2][3][4]

In December 2001, Milov was appointed adviser to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation and in May 2002, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia in Kasyanov's government. He resigned in October 2002.[2][3]


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