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Vladimir Plahotniuc

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Vladimir Plahotniuc
Vladimir Plahotniuc.jpg
Member of Moldovan Parliament
In office
December 2010 – October 2013
In office
December 2014 – July 2015
First Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
30 December 2010 – 15 February 2013
Preceded bySerafim Urechean
Succeeded byfunction abolished
Personal details
Born (1966-01-01) 1 January 1966 (age 53)
Pitușca, Moldovan SSR, Soviet Union
Political partyDemocratic Party of Moldova
Spouse(s)Oxana Plahotniuc
Alma materTechnical University of Moldova
OccupationPolitician, businessman, philanthropist

Vladimir Plahotniuc (born 1 January 1966), is a Moldovan politician, businessman and philanthropist.[2] He is the chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova and previously was member of the Parliament of Moldova in two terms (December 2010 – October 2013, December 2014 – July 2015), and served as First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova (December 2010 – February 2013). He is considered to be the powerhouse of Moldovan politics in matters of influence,[3] controlling Moldova's government and parliamentary majority.[4][5][6]

Early life and education

Plahotniuc was born on 1 January 1966 in Pitușca, Călărași District, Moldavian SSR, Soviet Union (now Moldova). As he stated in an interview, a strong footprint in his education was left by his parents and grandparents.[7] He attended the Grozești village secondary school, in Nisporeni District. In 1983 he graduated this institution with a Cum Laude diploma.[8] In 1991 he graduated the Technical University of Moldova with a bachelor's degree in Engineering, at the Food Industry Technology Faculty.[8] In 2002 he obtained an MBA degree at the same university.[9] In 2006 he obtained a master's degree in Civil Law at the European Studies University of Moldova.[8]


During 1991–1993, he held the position of specialist at the "Minor" Center for prevention and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, affiliated with the Chișinău City Hall.[8] He held the position of economist at "Euro EstHundel" Ltd Moldova, then he worked at "Voyage" Ltd Moldova. In 1995–1998 he founded "Angels" Moldovan-American Financial Group, which he managed until 2001.[9] From 2001 to 2010 he held the position of Commercial Manager and afterwards he was the General Manager of "Petrom Moldova" JSC, dealing with oil import and distribution.[9] Starting in 2005 he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board at "Victoriabank " commercial bank, one of the leading banks of Moldova and in 2006 he became its Chairman, a position he held until January 2011.[8][10] Since then, he has been focusing on his political career as a member of the Democratic Party of Moldova. In 2015, he founded a large media company, including General Media Group and Radio Media Group[11][12][13][14]

Political activity

In August 2010 Plahotniuc stated: "I don't get involved in politics. I'm not interested in running on a party list." But on the evening of 19 November 2010, during the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Party of Moldova, it was decided to include Plahotniuc on the 2nd spot on its electoral party list.[1][15] As result, he delegated the administration of his businesses to his managers to be able to dedicate himself to politics.[16] He became a member of the Parliament in December 2010,[17] a position he held until October 2013 when he resigned.[18][19][20]

On 30 December 2010, during the Democratic Party National Political Council session, Plahotniuc was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova.[21] On the same day he was elected as the First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.[8] He was also elected as a member of the Commission of Economy, Budget and Finance within the Parliament of Moldova.

On 19 May 2011, by presidential decree, Marian Lupu founded the National Council for the Judiciary Reform, which included Plahotniuc as Vice Chairman.[22]

In June 2012, Plahotniuc became First Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova.[23]

On 15 February 2013, Plahotniuc received a vote of no confidence from the parliamentary factions of PLDM and PCRM, and with the votes of 73 out of 101 MPs the office of First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova was abolished, with Plahotniuc immediately resigning from this position. He then asked Prime Minister Vlad Filat to resign as well.[24][25] In late October 2013 he resigned from the position of member of Parliament.[26]

In December 2014, Plahotniuc was elected again as a member of Parliament, and in July 2015 he resigned again from this position[27][28][29] "in order to focus his political activity on reforming the party".

On 15 October 2015, on the day Vlad Filat was detained as part of the ongoing investigation into the banking fraud scandal, Plahotniuc announced via Facebook that he had auto-suspended himself from the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova, and also from the position of a member of this party "... to no let appear insinuations that he influences the investigation in the bank fraud case, and to not cause damage to the image of the party (PDM)".[30][31]

On 13 January 2016 Plahotniuc was proposed for the position of Prime Minister of Moldova by the Democratic Party, but his candidacy was rejected by the Moldovan President, Nicolae Timofti. Timofti noted that "Plahotniuc fails to meet the criteria of a candidate for the post of prime minister." He further specified that among the conditions for prime minister, the candidate's "integrity should not cause doubt."[32][33]

In early May 2016 Plahotniuc, as an executive coordinator of the Governing Coalition Council, a previously unknown position,[34][35][36] was on an official visit to Washington.[37][38] He attended an event of the Atlantic Council,[39] where he met Victoria Nuland, assistant to the US Secretary of State.[40][36]

On 24 December 2016 during the 8th Democratic Party Congress, Plahotniuc was elected Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova.[41] On March 6, 2017, Plahotniuc announced that his party would propose a uninominal voting system.[42][43][44] Two months later on 10 May, he announced the party’s position to completely support the Government in its reform of the central administration.[45] In a press briefing, he stated only nine ministries would remain out of the existing sixteen.[46][44]

In March 2017 Plahotniuc was elected as deputy president of the Socialist International at the XXVth congress of the organization, taking place from 2 to 4 March in Cartagena, Colombia. Thus he joined the leadership of the Socialist International chaired by George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International and Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International, who were also reelected for the next four years.[47]

On March 30, 2017, a majority of the Moldova Parliament, led by the Democrats, voted a draft law on modifying the Constitution of Moldova on lifting the immunity of MPs, while the Socialist and Communist MPs criticized the initiative.[48] In 2013, Plahotniuc declared, "Immunity lifting of deputies is not populism, is a test that politicians should give to the society."[49]

In July 2017 at the Congress of Socialist International, Plahotniuc demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from eastern Moldova.[50]

In 2018, Plahotniuc urged the government to launch a campaign to promote a housing program named "Prima casă" ("First Home"), planned to ease acquirement of housing for civil servants.[51] At the beginning of 2018, he also announced the launching of a national program "Drumuri bune pentru Moldova" ("Good Roads for Moldova"). Plahotniuc mentioned that this project is the biggest infrastructure project since the declaration of Independence,[52] although some experts found the project to be unrealistic.[53]

Parliamentary diplomacy

As the first deputy chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Plahotniuc represented the interests of the Republic of Moldova both during official trips and at official meetings with political leaders from other states.[54][55][56][57][58][59][60]

Between 13 and 15 June 2011, Plahotniuc attended the 9th Conference of the Presidents of the Parliaments of the Member States of the South East European Cooperation Process.[61][62] The Republic of Moldova is a member of the SEECP since 2006.[63] He was also part of CIS member countries Interparliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Friendship Group with the Swiss Confederation, the Friendship Group with the Hellenic Republic and the Friendship Group with the Hungarian Republic.[64]

Position on foreign relations

Plahotniuc stated in an interview for the Moldovan news website that "the Republic of Moldova will not cancel or renegotiate the Association Agreement with the EU, and will not sign an Agreement with the Euro-Asiatic Union", qualifying the statements made by Igor Dodon in Moscow as purely electioneering rhetoric.[65] Regarding president Igor Dodon's official visit to Moscow, Plahotniuc has committed the Democratic Party to stand firmly for continuing Moldova's commitment to the European Union and maintains that the Moldova – EU relation must stay pivotal for the foreign policy.[66]

On 7 January 2017 Plahotniuc addressed a message to the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump; the statement reflects the party leader's vision: ″Moldova is willing to become a bridge between East and West, not a battleground for the world powers″.[67]

As chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Plahotniuc has stood against the long-looming prospect of a Russian-annexed Moldova. The Democratic Party of Moldova has repeatedly reaffirmed its devotion to Western doctrines such as democracy.[2]

During his presidency of the Democratic Party, Plahotniuc has attended many meetings with officials from the US and Europe. One of his achievements in that direction was the submission of pro-Moldovan resolutions in the House of Representatives of the US Congress by Congressmen David Price and Pete Olson after having several meetings with them. The resolution reiterated the US support for the territorial integrity of Moldova and for the resolution of the Transnistria conflict, as well as to enhance cooperation between Moldova and the US.[68][69]

Position on Russian interference in Moldova

Plahotniuc has declared many times that one of his main goals is to stop Russian interference in Moldova, which had spread to all spheres of Moldovan economy such as media, banking system, insurance, NGOs and political organisations.[70] In order to minimize Russian influence over the region, Plahotniuc together with the government coalition pioneered many reforms and laws such as anti-propaganda law, financial reforms based on EU directives and NGO's reform.[71][72]

Russia, in response to laws that aimed to reduce its influence over the regions, started to frame Moldovan officials, including Plahotniuc with bogus legal cases, ratcheting up a long-running diplomatic row between the two countries. According to Moldovan officials, these actions were due to ongoing investigations into the case known locally as the "Russian Laundromat". Plahotniuc declared that Russia's behavior “toward my colleagues and me is an explicit act of blackmail and political harassment.. abusive and illegal behavior, which will not change our commitment to the democratic and European development of Moldova.[73]


Plahotniuc ran companies in the following domains: oil,[74] financial and banking, hotel business, media and real estate.[75][76] In August 2010, the Ukrainian business magazine "Delo" estimated Plahotniuc's wealth to 300 million dollars.[10] Money originated from both "Victoriabank" and "Petrom Moldova" activity, where he acted as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and then general director.[10][77]

Plahotniuc is the only owner the company "Prime Management SRL", which was founded in September 2010 and has earned him revenues of 34 million lei (cca 7.8 million euro) as of 2015.[78]

Moldova Business People Association

The launch of the Moldova Business People Association

Prior to his entrance into politics on behalf of the Democratic Party of Moldova, on 26 July 2010, Plahotniuc founded the Moldova Business People Association[79] and in two months it launched its activity with an international economic summit, which had Dominique de Villepin, French politician and writer, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the French Government, as a guest speaker of the event. The list of participants included Vladimir Plahotniuc, the Chairman of MBPA board; Andrian Candu – General Director of MBPA; Valeriu Lazăr – Deputy Prime-Minister, Ministry of Economy and Commerce; Dorin Drăguțanu – Governor of National Bank of Moldova, and many other honorable guests.[80]

In 2016, the AOAM's grants program was launched to support young entrepreneurs. Grants constitutes an amount of 50,000 lei.[81][82]

On Plahotniuc's initiative, the Moldova Business People Association launched a collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, taking into account that research needs support from the business environment.[83][84] On 25 October 2010, during a festive event, the Moldova Business People Association handed out diplomas to the top 100 managers from Moldova.[85]

Edelweiss Foundation

Plahotniuc is founder of The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS", which is involved in implementing various social projects in Moldova.[86] Founded in 2010, the foundation implemented many cultural projects, book donations, music concerts and artistic events,[87][88][89][90][91] supported Moldovan sportsmen,[92][93][94] provided financial support for people in need of medical care,[95][96][97] Thus, flood victims of the summer 2010 Prut River overflowing received financial aid and goods.[98][99][100] People in need from all around the country benefited from the same type of assistance and support.[101][102][103] Edelweiss refurbished the dormitory building of the "Gracious Joseph" Orphanage and donated them various gifts.[104][105][106]

In 2014, Edelweiss started a national scale social campaign called "Revive Moldova".[107] Initiated to support and encourage mothers of newborn babies by offering bespoke presents, including childcare and other important things that mothers may need. The campaign was launched in July 2016 at the Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau and extended in 2017 to three other maternities in the country: Maternity Hospital Nisporeni, Cahul and Edineț.[108][109] The campaign soon reached its goal: to collect 1 million euros for the reconstruction works and modern medical equipment of the Institute of Mother and Child in Chișinău.[110]

Edelweiss has also allocated resources to development of children playgrounds and invested a lot in rural localities. Under the Edelweiss Parks project, over 40 safe and modern playgrounds for children from different localities of the country were built.[111][112][113]

In 2017, Edelweiss started the project "Respect for Seniors" in partnership with the Austrian Embassy and the “Neoumanist” Education Association. The project aims to improve the living standards of 40 elderly people in Straseni district by providing social and medical services at home.[114][115]

In 2017, the Foundation initiated a project addressed to high school students in the Republic of Moldova to support the enrichment of the educational environment and to encourage students by offering 100 monthly scholarships during the study year 2017–2018.[116][117]

In 2016 the foundation was officially renamed to «Fundația lui Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS"» (The Foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc "EDELWEISS").[118]

The campaign "A new life" continued in 2018 at the Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau, at the maternity hospitals in Nisporeni, Cahul and Edinet and extends in the other 20 maternities in the country: Bălţi, Cantemir, Călăraşi, Căuşeni, Cimişlia, Criuleni, Ceadâr – Lunga, Drochia, Falesti, Floresti, Hancesti, Ialoveni, Rezina, Rascani, Sangerei, Soroca, Straseni, Soldanesti, Stefan Voda, Ungheni, with over 12,400 beneficiaries of boxes for newborns.[non-primary source needed]


Described by Forbes magazine as a "shadowy figure," Plahotniuc was denied the Prime Ministership of the country after Moldova's president declared that Plahotniuc lacked integrity.[119] [120]

Accusation by Interpol of ties to Russian organized crime

Interpol has been monitoring Plahotniuc since 2007, and it was reported by Forbes that Interpol believed he was associated with Russia's biggest mafia, Solntsevskaya Bratva. Plahotniuc denied this.[121] The Italian police have also investigated Plahotniuc for money laundering. [122]

Accusation of murder

According to the Russian business daily newspaper Kommersant, Plahotniuc has been accused by a hired assassin of being behind the order to kill a Russian banker in London, German Gorbuntsov.[123] This accusation added evidence to a previously developing story: Plahotniuc had long been accused of being linked to the "organization of the murder attempt on banker German Gorbuntsov".[124] The hired assassin, Vitaliy Proca (sometimes spelled Proka), had been turned over to Romanian authorities in 2013 from Russia for a separate hired assassination after negotiations of an extradition through Interpol.[125] Proca had previously accused Plahotniuc of arranging the assassination: "Plahotniuc's hands are in blood up to his elbows.” [126] Soon after these statements were made, Proca's wife and brother-in-law were imprisoned, and his wife told the press that she was offered a deal by representatives of Plahotniuc to free them if Proca remained silent. [127]

Accusations of trafficking women

Plahotniuc has been accused of having been involved in a business of trafficking women for prostitution.[128] [129] [130] Interviews with officials have revealed "in the 1990s he owned a sauna, where he provided businessmen and even diplomats with young prostitutes; Plahotniuc kept a collection of videos to blackmail people and push them to certain deals."[131][132] The New York Times reported that he "has been accused by his foes over the years of multiple crimes, including human trafficking, but not formally charged."[133] [134]

Multiple passports with different names

At the beginning of 2011, shortly after his election to Parliament, Romanian newspaper "Adevărul" unveiled the fact that Plahotniuc has Romanian citizenship, being registered under the name of Vlad Ulinici, and previously as Vladimir Ulinici.[135] He explained this fact by "wanting to protect his children against discrimination during their studies in Romania".[136] Later, he announced that he had requested that his name be changed to Plahotniuc in his Romanian documents as well.[137] For the use of the false identity Plahotniuc faced criminal prosecution in Romania three years after his double Ulinici/Plahotniuc identity was revealed in Adevărul Moldova. The prosecutor dismissed the criminal case because in the Republic of Moldova using a false identity is not a crime.[138][139]

Accusation of theft from the Central Bank

Plahotniuc has been named as a central figure in the theft of over one billion dollars from Moldova's Central Bank. This accusation was repeated by the former deputy director of the anti-money laundering agency in Moldova, Mihail Gofman.[140] The main mastermind, according to the Kroll report, is a man named Ilan Shor, an Israeli-Moldovan citizen who ran a complex scheme to defraud three banks under his control – Unibank, Sociala and the largest of them all, Banca de Economii.[141] In 2014, the EU and others cut off financial aid thought to be vital to the poorest nation in Europe. A new government was sworn in. Investigations were launched, resulting in arrests the perpetrators of the massive fraud, including the former prime minister, and secured some convictions.[142]

The New York Times has called Plahotniuc Moldova's "Most Feared Tycoon" [143]. In the Carnegie Report, "The Structure of Corruption in Moldova," Plahotniuc is referred to as controlling Moldova’s network outside of the government and that a central-bank-commissioned report detailing a suspicious transfer of around $1 billion was "seen as a move by the Plahotniuc network to disable its lone competitor, the network around former prime minister Vladimir Filat.[144]

Plahotniuc acted as the Chairman of Victoriabank, one of the leading banks in Moldova until January 2011.[8][10] In 2004–2007 Plahotniuc was the unofficial business partner with Viorel and Victor Țopa, together with whom he gained control over bank Victoriabank and Prime TV channel.[145] In September 2010, Victor and Viorel Țopa addressed a memorandum to a number of national and international institutions (17), accusing Plahotniuc of "raider attacks" of July–August 2011 on a number of 4 banks and ASITO assurance company.[146][147] The ex-president of Victoriabank, Victor Ţurcan, affirmed later in an interview that the real crooks in Victoriabank case are Victor and Viorel Ţopa, and they manipulate the public opinion through false statements.[148] Later, by one criminal file for each of Țopa was initiated, and they have fled to Germany, accusing Plahotniuc on political persecution.[149] On 8 March 2017 Plahotniuc published on his Facebook page the Amsterdam Court's decision where is confirmed that Ţopa's accusations about the "raider attack" from Victoriabank are unfounded.[150][151][152]

Despite the fact that his name is not mentioned in the founding documents, there is a rumor that Vlad Plahotniuc is the owner of the most luxurious hotel in Chişinău – “Nobil”.[10] It was also said that he owns “Codru” hotel and “Asito” Insurance Company, “Drive” Night Club from Moldova.[10] Moldova Agroindbank is the Codru hotel's current owner,[153] and it announced that the hotel will become the bank's headquarter.[154]

Plahotniuc is seen as an oligarch in Moldova,[155][156][157][158] and was nicknamed "The puppeteer" (Romanian: Păpușarul),[78][159][160] being accused for traffic of influence over all Moldovan political class.[161][162] In June 2015, former Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Sturza, stated in a TV talk-show that "[...] Republic of Moldova is a captured state, and it is controlled by Plahotniuc [...]".[163] In October 2015 Petru Bogatu, a Moldovan op-ed columnist, wrote hard criticism in Plahotniuc's address, stating that he [Plahotniuc] "has usurped the central country's administration", and "has subordindate to him prosecutora and judges, subjugating this way country's constitutional institutions. As a result, he transformed the state into a private firm, and the justice – into a gestapo for the intimidation and burial of his political opponents".[164][165]

Plahotniuc told reporters in 2014: “I entered politics with my business in place. I wanted to give something back, not the other way round.”[166] He is one of the wealthiest people in Moldova,[167][168] if not the wealthiest one.[169][170][171] According to his op-ed, he declares himself as a huge supporter of EU integration and strengthening the relations with the west.[172] However, he constantly draws criticism from Moldovan analysts,[173] NGOs,[174] and columnists, such as journalist Natalia Morari, who called out Plahotniuc for being "pro-Plahotniuc and pro-corruption".[175]

Based on various opinion surveys, for several years Plahotniuc was the Moldovan politician with the biggest anti-rating, having been seen by Moldovan citizens as the politician in which they have the less trust and an unfavorable opinion (with up to −87%).[176][177][178] He is known as a key political figure which does not like making public appearances,[179] avoids direct public debates with other political figures,[180][181] and avoids giving interviews to independent or opposition media, despite he took part in two recorded biographical TV shows at his own TV channels: "Seara târziu" with Dorin Scobioală on Prime TV in mid 2010 (his first apparition on TV),[182] and "O zi" with Cristian Tabără on Publika TV in late 2016.[183]

Later, it became known officially based on formal declaration of General Media Group Corp., which includes the TV channels Publika TV, Prime TV, Canal 2 and Canal 3,[184][185][186][187][188] and also the radio stations Publika FM, Maestro FM and MUZ FM (former Prime FM), that the only shareholder of the holding is Vladimir Plahotniuc.[189][184][190][191]

On 7 April 2017, Serhiy Knyazev of the National Police of Ukraine and Arsen Avakov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced an attempt had been made on Plahotniuc's life.[192] Authorities detained eight people in Moldova and nine in Ukraine.[193][194] The investigators found the assassins had links to Russian Federation special forces.[6][195] On 8 April, according to a press release of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the attempted murder was coordinated by people from the Russian intelligence services.[196] The same day, in a common press statement of Moldovan police and prosecutors, it was stated that the crime was commanded by two citizens of Moldova, one of them being a head of a criminal group, based in Russia.[197] However, some political analysts stated at an opposition channel Jurnal TV, that these events are part of a hybrid war.[198] On 27 April 2017, Moldovan prosecutors stated in a press conference, that the interlope Grigore Caramalac (also spelled Karamalak; alias "Bulgaru") is one of the persons who ordered the murder of Plahotniuc. The second individual would be a detainee in a Moldovan prison.[199][200][6]

On 21 September 2017, Maia Sandu, the chairperson of the Party of Action and Solidarity, submitted to the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova a criminal denunciation on Vladimir Plahotniuc, accusing him in usurpation of state power through the seizure of all state government powers through blackmail and corruption.[201] On 11 October 2017, Mihai Ghimpu, the chairperson of the Liberal Party, has reassumed at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe some of these accusations and has complained on the fact that Plahotniuc controls the justice in Moldova and abusing this is intimidating political opponents.[202] Ghimpu's statements [203] come as a reaction to the arrest of Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca (May 25, 2017), to whom was incriminated an act of corruption, traffic of influence and excess of official authority in the case of Toll Parking in Chisinau,[204] as well as the arrest of the Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure, Iurie Chirinciuc ( April 28, 2017), the case regarding it contains 3 incriminations: passive corruption, abuse of official position and illegal extraction of mineral resources.[205][206][207]

On 30 November 2017 a Moscow court has issued an arrest warrant for Plahotniuc, charged with attempted murder.[208][209][210] Also, Plahotniuc was placed on the Russia's international wanted list of criminals. The authorities of the Russian Federation submitted a request to INTERPOL that Plahotniuc should be announced in international search. The request was rejected by INTERPOL on the grounds that is pursued the political interest. It justified its decision by saying that the international police organization cannot intervene in what are essentially political disputes between member states.[211][212][213]

Personal life

Plahotniuc is married to Oxana (née Childescu) with whom he has two sons.[214] His wife, Oxana, is the daughter of the Moldovan painter and sculptor Emil Childescu.[215]


By Decree no. 1298 of the President of the Republic of Moldova of 29.08.2007 regarding the granting of state distinctions "for the contribution to the reconstruction of the Curchi monastic complex and the merits for the preservation and propagation of the historical-cultural heritage" was awarded with the Order "Gloria Muncii".[216]

On July 24, 2014, Vlad Plahotniuc was awarded by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti with the highest distinction in Moldova Order of the Republic "for major contributions to attaining foreign policy goals set by the Moldovan government – political association and economic integration with European Union".[217][218]


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