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Gender male
Word/name Old-Slavic native
Meaning possessor of the glory, fame
Other names
Related names Volodyslav, Vladyslav, Ladislao, Ŭladzislaŭ, Władysław, Ulászló

Vladislav (Belarusian: Уладзіслаў (Uładzisłaŭ); Polish: Władysław, Włodzisław; Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian: Владислав) is a male given name of Slavic origin. Variations include Volodislav, Vlastislav, Vlaslav. In Czech Republic the name is often spelled Ladislav. Outside of the Slavic countries it is sometimes Latinized as either Vladislaus or Vladislas. Feminine form of the name Vladislav is Vladislava, or in Polish spelling - Władysława.

In Russia it is sometimes colloquially shortened either as Vlad (Влад) or Slava (Слава).


The name Vladislav literally means One who owns a glory, or simply Famous. It is a composite name derived from two Slavic roots: Vlad- meaning either 'to own' (Ukrainian voloditi (володiти) means 'to own', Polish władać - 'to be in possession of', Russian vladet (владеть) - 'to own'), or 'to rule' (another meaning of Polish władać is 'to rule', Ukrainiän vlada (влада) means 'power', 'the government'), and Slav- meaning 'fame/glory'.

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