Vladislav Inozemtsev

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Vladislav Inozemtsev is a Russian academician who is the director of the Moscow-based Centre for Research on Post-Industrial Societies, a nonprofit think-tank.[1] He is a professor and the chair at the Department of World Economy, Faculty of Public Governance, Moscow State Lomonosov University.[1] Since November 2012, he has been chairman of the High Council of the Civilian Force, a Russian "center-liberal", pro-European political party.[1] He authored Mikhail Prokhorov's presidential programme, when the candidate ran third to Putin in the March 2012 elections.[1] He has been published in Foreign Affairs with Alexander Lebedev, and with Ivan Krastev[2] and in Russia in Global Affairs with Ilya Ponomarev, with Vladimir Ryzhkov and with Yekaterina Kuznetsova.[3]