Vladislav (Dalmatian duke)

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Duke of Dalmatia and Liburnia[1]
Reign 821–?
Predecessor Borna
Successor Mislav of Croatia
Died c. 835
Father Unknown
Mother sister of Borna[2]

Vladislav or Ladislas[3] (Latin: Ladasclavus; fl. 821)[4] was the "Duke of Dalmatia and Liburnia" (dux Dalmatiae atque Liburnae[1]), having succeeded his uncle Borna, a Frankish vassal.[5] He is mentioned only in the 9th-century Royal Frankish Annals, regarding year 821. Borna had died between January and October 821,[1] during a war against Frankish rebel Ljudevit, Duke of Lower Pannonia.[3] Borna's nephew (by his sister[2]) Vladislav succeeded him, by the people's will and emperor's approval.[3] Vladislav ruled from Nin as a loyal vassal of the Frankish Emperor Lothair I.[citation needed] In historiography, his realm has been referred to as Dalmatian Croatia, where he was succeeded by Mislav.


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Preceded by
Duke of Dalmatia and Liburnia
fl. 821
Title next held by
Possibly Mislav
as Sclaveniam ... principe