Vladivoj, Duke of Bohemia

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Vladivoj (c. 981 – January 1003) was duke of Bohemia from 1002 to his death. He was probably a Přemyslid, possibly a second son of Doubravka of Bohemia, or a distant relative.[citation needed] Boleslaus III, Duke of Bohemia was dethroned and the Bohemian lords made Vladivoj, who had earlier fled to Poland, duke in 1002.[1] The Czech historian Dušan Třeštík writes that Vladivoj seized the Bohemian throne with Bolesław's assistance.[2] After Vladivoj died in 1003, Bolesław invaded Bohemia and restored Boleslaus III who had many Bohemian noblemen murdered.[3][1] It is said that Vladivoj was an alcoholic, and alcohol was a possible contributor to his death.[citation needed]


Preceded by
Boleslaus III
Duke of Bohemia
Succeeded by
Boleslaus IV