Vladivostok State Medical University

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Pacific State Medical University
Тихоокеанский государственный медицинский университет
Главный (Административный) корпус ТГМУ
MottoDebes, Ergo Potes
(You Must, so you Can)
RectorValentin Shumatov (in Russian)
Academic staff
690990, Vladivostok, Ostryakov Avenue, 2
, ,
Coordinates: 43°7′51″N 131°54′7″E / 43.13083°N 131.90194°E / 43.13083; 131.90194
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Pacific State Medical University (Russian: Тихоокеанский государственный медицинский университет), formerly known as VSMU (Vladivostok State Medical University) is a university in Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia.

At the beginning, since 1956 VSMU was the Medical Faculty of the Far Eastern State University, but in 2 years it became Vladivostok State Medical Institute (VSMI). Institute was reorganized into the University in 1995, in 2013 the University was renamed and reorganized into Pacific State Medical University.

Faculties of the Pacific State Medical University:

  • The Medical Faculty
  • The Military Faculty
  • The Military Training Center
  • The Pediatric Faculty
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy
  • The Faculty of Medical Prophylactic and Medical Biochemistry
  • The Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • The Stomatological (dental) Faculty
  • The Higher Nursing Education and Social Work Faculty
  • The Clinical Psychology Faculty
  • The Continuous Medical Education
  • The Postgraduate and Further Degree Studies
  • Pre-University Training

Among the medical Universities of the Far East, PSMU - the only institution that trains doctors at Faculty Medical Prophylactic , providing preventive measures for healthy living of the population of Khabarovsk, Primorsky and Kamchatka Territories, Amur, Sakhalin and Magadan regions, the Republic of Sakha and Chukotka.

PSMU today[edit]

Today PSMU - is a various scientific and educational institution that includes 10 faculties and 67 departments, employing 85 doctors and 285 candidates of science. The university held an internship, residency, graduate school, the system of pre-university training and post-graduate special education improving system, that make possible to obtain any medical profession. Sufficiently extensive links established with the universities of China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S.A., allow to take preparing courses for students and teachers that enrich the learning process and intensify the research activities of the university.


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