Vlado Maleski

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Vlado Maleski
Born (1919-09-05)September 5, 1919
Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
Died (1984-09-23)September 23, 1984
SFR Yugoslavia
Occupation Author

Vlado Maleski (Macedonian: Владо Малески) (Struga, 5 September 1919 - Struga, 23 September 1984) was a Macedonian writer, communist activist, publisher and revolutionary.[1] He published several novels and short stories and was the author of the Macedonian national anthem "Denes nad Makedonija" and of the script for the first Macedonian movie, "Frosina".[1]


Maleski completed his elementary schooling in Shkodra, Albania, and his secondary schooling in Bitola. He enrolled the University of Belgrade's Law School, but did not finish his studies because of the Second World War. During the war, he was an active participant in the National Liberation War of Macedonia. After the war, he became one of the most prominent writers in contemporary Macedonian. Soon after, Maleski became a director of Radio Skopje.

During his professional life, Maleski was ambassador to Lebanon, Ethiopia and Poland and was a member of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia. In 1946 he became a full member of the Association of Writers of Macedonia.

Maleski was received the following awards: "11 October", "4 July" and "AVNOJ".


  • Ǵurǵina alova (stories, 1950)[1]
  • Branuvanja (stories, 1953)[1]
  • Ona što beše nebo (novel, 1958)
  • Vojnata, luǵeto, vojnata (novel, 1967)
  • Razboj (novel, 1969)[1]
  • Razgledi (articles, critics, 1976)
  • Kažuvanja (stories, 1976)
  • Zapisi na Ezerko Drimski (novel, 1980)
  • Jazli (novel, 1990)


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