Vlado Meller

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Vlado Meller
Background information
Occupation(s)Mastering Engineer
Years active1969 - present
Associated actsFrank Ocean, Beastie Boys, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias, Kanye West

Vlado Meller is an audio mastering engineer, currently mastering at Vlado Meller Mastering in Charleston, South Carolina.[1] Vlado masters across multiple genres of music, with credits on rock, hip-hop, pop, jazz, metal, dance, opera, Broadway, and classical albums.[1] Over his 43-year career, Vlado has worked on many hit records and has worked with such artists as Beastie Boys, Andrea Bocelli, Johnny Cash, Charlotte Church, Celine Dion, Duran Duran, Kenny G, Kenny Loggins, Julio Iglesias, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Paul McCartney, Metallica, George Michael, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, Barbra Streisand, System of a Down, A Tribe Called Quest, Weezer, Kanye West, Jack White, and many more.[1] Vlado currently holds the position of senior mastering engineer at Vlado Meller Mastering in Charleston, South Carolina.[1] He has won two Grammy Awards.


Meller was born in former Czechoslovakia. His first experience with music was receiving violin lessons, until he graduated from high school in Košice, Slovakia. He decided to pursue a career in electrical engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Meller escaped to Vienna, Austria after Russia invaded Czechoslovakia in September 1968, and spent seven months as a refugee in Austria and Italy until he was allowed to immigrated to the United States. He reached New York, where Meller had a friend get him an interview at CBS Records. In December 1969, he was hired as a tech support person in their New York-located recording studio.[2] His first job was cutting vinyl[1] and he received a mastering job a year later. Meller was trained by the top senior mastering engineers, and "gradually developed [his] own style as I worked with various producers, mixing engineers, artists from CBS, and outside labels.[2] He worked with Sony/CBS for 38 years, until the Sony Studios in New York closed. Meller later joined Universal Mastering Studios' New York facility in 2007, and was appointed to senior mastering engineer.[3] After Universal shut down the entire mastering studio in 2011, he spent two years at Masterdisk[4] before moving to Charleston, South Carolina. Meller was visiting his daughter when his former boss at Universal, Paul West, suggested him to check out Truphonic Studios. Meller decided to open his own mastering studio there, Vlado Meller Mastering, which he has operated since 2014.[5]


A list of noteworthy albums Vlado has mastered includes:

Awards and recognition[edit]

Over his 43-year career, Meller has been nominated for 7 Grammy Awards and won 2 Latin Grammy Awards.[6][7]

Grammy Awards[edit]

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2004 Unearthed Best Historical Album Nominated
2005 Late Registration Album of the Year Nominated
2006 Stadium Arcadium Nominated
2007 Graduation Nominated
2008 Tha Carter III Nominated
2012 Channel Orange Nominated
"Thinkin Bout You" Record of the Year Nominated

Latin Grammy Awards[edit]

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2006 Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 Album of the Year Won
Best Engineered Album Won


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