Vlahini Lakes

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The three lower lakes.

The Vlahini Lakes (Bulgarian: Влахини езера) is a group of four lakes in Pirin, southwestern Bulgaria situated at 1.5 km to the southwest from Vihren. The group consists of four lakes the highest of which makes 80% of their total area. The lakes are named after the village of Vlahi, located at much lower altitude.

  • The first and largest lake is the Big Vlahino lake, at 2,302 m. Its size is 400x245 m, with surface area of 23.4 decares and depth of 13.4 m. The amount of water is 421,000 m³.
  • Below is situated at 2,300 m the smallest lake with size of 68x50 m, area of 3 decares, depth of 8.4 m and volume of 10,000 m³.
  • The third lake is placed at 300 m of the Big Vlahina lake at the same elevation as the second lake. It is elongated (145x100 m) but very shallow- up to 0.8 m. This is why the amount of water is 4,400 m³.
  • The smallest lake (2,291 m) is also elongated (245x56 m) and has a surface area of 10 decares. The amount of water is only 9,000 m³.

There is trout in the lakes. The water pours out as Vlachina river which is a tributary of the Struma.

Big Vlahino lake