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Vlakplaas is a farm 20 km west of Pretoria that served as the headquarters of the South African Police counterinsurgency unit C10 (later called C1)[1] working for the apartheid government in South Africa. The C-designation of the counterinsurgency unit was its official name but the whole unit became known as Vlakplaas and was commanded first by Dirk Coetzee and then Eugene de Kock.

Vlakplaas functioned as a paramilitary hit squad,[2] capturing political opponents of the apartheid government and either "turning" (converting) or executing them. The Vlakplaas farm was usually the site of multiple executions of political opponents of the apartheid government.[3]

In August 2007, it was announced by the South African Department of Science and Technology that the farm would serve a new purpose, as a centre for healing. The centre will conduct research into plants used in traditional medicine, and promote collaboration between practitioners of western medicine and traditional healers.[4]

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Coordinates: 25°49′3.01″S 28°1′41.44″E / 25.8175028°S 28.0281778°E / -25.8175028; 28.0281778