Vlasta Pavić

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Vlasta Pavić
46th Mayor of Zagreb
In office
March 1, 2002[1] – May 15, 2005[2]
Preceded by Milan Bandić (1st term)
Succeeded by Milan Bandić (2nd term)
Personal details
Born (1957-05-24) 24 May 1957 (age 60)
Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia
Nationality Croatian
Political party SDP
Profession Politician

Vlasta Pavić (born 24 May 1957) is a former mayor of Zagreb, the second woman to hold that office, and a member of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP).

Her term as Mayor[edit]

Pavić was elected mayor of Zagreb on March 1, 2002[1] after Milan Bandić (also a member of the SDP) was forced to resign due to a public scandal.[3] She was elected with the support of city assembly members of the ruling coalition of the time the SDP and the HNS.[1] On taking office she indicated she planned to continue the projects begun by Bandić.[1] Bandić was elected as one of her two deputies shortly afterwards.[4] However Bandić reportedly intended for Pavić to serve as his puppet mayor, which she refused.[5] The feud between Pavić and Bandić lasted throughout her career as a Zagreb mayor. She publicly accused him of treating Zagreb as his personal property. [5]

In May 2003, Nacional reported that in his campaign to undermine Pavić, Bandić was allied with the right-wing opposition.[6]

In March 2004 she demanded a public apology from Bandić for having allegedly insulted her mother in a "vulgar and very primitive" way. She stated that she had, in the interests of the city and the coalition, pushed much under the carpet but no longer considered it right to keep quiet. [7] The incident occurred when an opposition member asked a question about a controversial purchase of land with city money. Pavić had answered that as it was a matter before the courts she could not go into details. This neutral answer did not satisfy Bandić and his comments included: "I fuck your mother, I gave you bread, why I'll fuck you all".[8]

The two struck a deal that she would not run in the next mayoral elections.[9] Nevertheless, Bandić worked to obtain early elections. These were held on May 15, 2005 and Vlasta Pavić's mayoral term ended.[2]

Honours and awards[edit]

  •  Albania: Received a copy of the key of the city of Tirana on the occasion of her state visit to Albania.[10]


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Preceded by
Milan Bandić
(1st term)
Mayor of Zagreb
Succeeded by
Milan Bandić
(2nd term)