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Vlastimir Đorđević (born 17 November 1948, Koznica, Yugoslavia[1]) is a former Serbian colonel general.

Đorđević was born in Koznica, Vladičin Han, a village in southeastern NR Serbia in 1948. He graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Đorđević was Assistant Minister of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Chief of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1997, Đorđević was promoted from Lieutenant General to Colonel General by presidential decree. He remained the Assistant Minister and Chief of the Public Security Department until January 2001.[citation needed]

He was indicted by the ICTY for being part of the 1999 Serb crackdown on Kosovo Albanian citizens. As Chief of the Public Security Department, he was responsible for ensuring that all units of the Public Security Department in Serbia for Kosovo carried out their orders. Until 17 June 2007, he was believed to be in Russia. On the morning of 17 June 2007, Đorđević was arrested in Montenegro, near the city of Budva.[2]

On 23 February 2011, the ICTY ruled Đorđević guilty of all five charges made against him. He was given 27 years imprisonment.[3] However the Appeals Chamber of the Hague Tribunal reduced his sentence to 18 years imprisonment on 27 January 2014.[4]

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