Vlatava (comics)

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Notable charactersCount Vertigo
Queen Perdita
PublisherDC Comics

Vlatava is a fictional country in the DC Comics Universe. Vlatava is a small eastern European country that fell under the domination of the Soviet Union and was later devastated by The Spectre. The country had a long-standing history of cleansing genocides, blood feuds and internal wars lasting for decades.

The supervillain Count Vertigo was the last, surviving descendant of the royal family of Vlatava. His status as a political figure was frequently exploited in storylines, though he made little effort to reclaim his throne. The Count's insanity also allowed him to be manipulated easily, until after being sent to rehabilitation after being manipulated by Poison Ivy allowed his system to be cleaned and get a better grip on Vlatava's situation.

When John Ostrander was writing The Spectre, all inhabitants of Vlatava, with the exception of Vertigo and the current president, were murdered by the titular spirit. The Spectre believed that Vlatava had degenerated so far that all its inhabitants were doomed to die in wars or starve. He was tried by the Courts of Heaven by this act - and acquitted, as his judgment had been accurate.This left the country in ruins, which the Spectre used to bind the Spear of Destiny and cast it into orbit. With this, the last of the Vlatavans of old are the former President himself and Count Vertigo.

In other media[edit]

  • In DC Showcase: Green Arrow, Count Vertigo has assassinated his brother to get the throne, and then sets his sights on his young niece, Perdita. He hired Merlyn to kill her in an American airport, but Green Arrow and Black Canary happen to be present and intervene.
  • In Young Justice (co-created by Greg Weisman, who wrote the above) Vlatava is ruled by Queen Perdita, a ten-year-old in an American hospital for a heart transplant. Her uncle Count Vertigo hopes to kill her by teaming up with Vandal Savage to prevent Kid Flash from delivering her donor heart. The country is also briefly seen in the episode "Happy New Year".