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Directed by Ricard Gras
Produced by David Matamoros, Claudia Salcedo, Ricard Gras, Luis de la Madrid
Starring Irina Sanjeevan, Eduard Alejandre, Roger Batalla, Nico Baixas
Music by Oscar Kaiser

Vlogger is a 2011 thriller produced by Zentropa International Spain.


The film centers on Pakistani-born student, who learns that her brother has plans to become a suicide bomber. With just days before a terrorist mission takes place, she begins exploring virtual worlds using an avatar, in order to find him.


The film combines animated footage shot inside virtual worlds (Machinima) with live footage from webcams and has a strong transmedia element. The project was possible thanks to winning an ICAA New Media Fund 2010 Competition.

International distribution is handled by Nordisk (http://www.nordiskfilm.com/).

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