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IndustryAugmented reality
FounderAshley Crowder and Ben Conway

Vntana (stylized as VNTANA) is an American social augmented reality company.[1]


In 2012[2] the company was founded in Los Angeles by Ashley Crowder (the company’s CEO) and Ben Conway (the company’s COO).[3] The company’s name is derived from "ventana", the Spanish word for "window".[4][5] They developed a V-3 Hologram System which consists of hardware and software to project holograms without wearables.[6] Their device also includes the ability for users to manipulate the holograms with gestures.[6] The company is headquartered in Van Nuys, California.[7]

Hologram displays[edit]

During the 2015 ATP US Open, Mercedes-Benz sponsored a Vntana hologram of tennis player Roger Federer, to which fans could serve tennis balls.[5][8] The company has also worked with Pepsi on its marketing campaigns.[9] In 2016 Vntana produced the first hologram karaoke device, which was featured on a summer concert tour by Rob Thomas where fans could sing alongside a hologram of Thomas.[1][10] It also released the holographic selfie device, in which users can produce holograms of themselves, called the Hollagram Selfie Booth,[11] created from a full body scan.[12] Users then received a video of the experience.[13] Lexus has also partnered with Vntana in order to provide holographic representations of its vehicles at sports stadiums, and during Super Bowl LI events, Vntana provided a SpongeBob SquarePants interactive exhibit for children. The Pro Football Hall of Fame uses Vntana life-size holograms of its inductees.[14]


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