Voždovac Stadium

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Voždovac Stadium
Full name Bojan Majić Stadium
Location Voždovac, Belgrade, Serbia
Coordinates 44°46′29.6″N 20°29′24.7″E / 44.774889°N 20.490194°E / 44.774889; 20.490194Coordinates: 44°46′29.6″N 20°29′24.7″E / 44.774889°N 20.490194°E / 44.774889; 20.490194
Owner Voždovac Belgrade
Operator Voždovac Belgrade
Capacity 5,200
Acreage 74.600 m2
Surface Grass
Broke ground 2011
Built 1912, 2011-2013
Opened August 2013
Demolished 2011
Construction cost approximately 22 million
(2011-2012 construction)
Voždovac Belgrade

Voždovac Stadium is a football stadium in Belgrade, Serbia, and is the home ground of Voždovac Belgrade. One of the few rooftop stadiums in the world, it is built on the top of a shopping center[1] in Voždovac and opened in August 2013.[2]


The old venue of Voždovac, was a multi-purpose stadium in the Voždovac neighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia. It was used mostly for football matches. The stadium was demolished in 2011.

Rooftop stadium[edit]

The new stadium began construction in 2011 along with the establishment of a new shopping center in the Zaplanjska street in Voždovac. It has a seating capacity of 5,200.[3] The stadium meets all UEFA standards for matches in the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League.[4]


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