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Founded2000 Kall
2008 Vodafone Faroe Islands
2018 Hey
ProductsTelephone, Internet

Hey, formerly Vodafone Faroe Islands, is a Faroese telecommunications company, which started in October 2000. On 29 May 2008 the company, being previously known as Kall, was rebranded to Vodafone. In 2018 Vodafone Faroe Islands rebranded its services under the Hey brand.

After the parliament (Løgting) made a new law in 1999 that allowed others to compete with Telefonverk Føroya Løgtings (TFL), which in the process changed its name to Føroya Tele. In 2001 Kall and Tele F became one company, Kall. Kall has about 20% of the market, and owns a small part (under 1%) of the FARICE-1 cable between Faroe Islands and Iceland. Dagsbrún owned 100% of Kall.

They are currently setting up 5G in Hoyvik.

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