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Vodafone GmbH
Subsidiary of Vodafone Plc
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1990 as Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH
2002 rebranded Vodafone D2 GmbH
Headquarters German headquarters in Düsseldorf
Key people
CEO of German operations: Dr Hannes Ametsreiter
Products Prepaid and postpaid mobile phones, DSL, IPTV, cable internet, cable television
Number of employees
Germany: approximately 14,000
Website www.vodafone.de

Vodafone GmbH is a German subsidiary of Vodafone Plc, a company based in the UK. It provides mobile phone, DSL, LTE, cable internet, landlines, cable TV and IPTV services to customers in Germany. As of the second quarter of 2016, Vodafone GmbH has 41.89 million mobile customers in Germany, making it the second largest provider of mobile phone services in Germany. (The largest is Telefónica Germany.) The company's headquarters are in the Düsseldorf suburb of Heerdt, with regional offices throughout Germany.

The company in its present form resulted from Vodafone's takeover of the German engineering group Mannesmann GmbH in 2000. On 8 December 1989, the West German Federal Ministry for Posts and Telecommunications (de; one of several predecessors of the present-day Bundesnetzagentur) awarded the second digital GSM-900 (also known as D-Netz (de; lit. D-Network) in Germany) network in Germany to Mannesmann, as the first private company in Germany to break the monopoly of the telecommunications services operated by Deutsche Bundespost (now Deutsche Telekom). This licence was subsequently expanded to cover the former East Germany after German reunification in 1991. Mannesmann subsequently began operations of its mobile network on 30 June 1992. It was rebranded Vodafone D2 in 2002.

Vodafone Germany's network serves both prepaid and postpaid customers on GSM and UMTS (with HSDPA). In December 2010, Vodafone started providing LTE (Long Term Evolution) services,[1] and launched HD Voice in October 2016.

In February 2011, Vodafone Germany started providing IPTV via DSL and VDSL connections. In April 2011,[2] Vodafone Germany started to distribute Disney content via IPTV.[3]

At the end of 2010, Vodafone had 36.676 million mobile phone or mobile internet customers and 3.945 million customers with a DSL / VDSL connection.[4]

Following T-Mobile, Vodafone Germany started selling the Apple iPhone 4S in September 2011.[5]

As of 2014, the company owns around 75% of Kabel Deutschland.

The company sponsored the AMG-Mercedes team in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Blancpain Sprint Series and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.


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