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Vodafone Iceland
Industry Telecommunications
Founded Merger of TAL, Halló-Frjáls Fjarskipti and Íslandssími in 2003 rebranded as Vodafone Iceland in 2006
Headquarters Reykjavík, Iceland
Key people
Stefán Sigurðsson, President & CEO
Products Telephone, Internet, Television
Revenue 10,742 billion ISK (2006)
Number of employees
Approximately 350
Website www.vodafone.is

Vodafone Iceland is an Icelandic telecommunications company. Although the company carries the Vodafone brand and trademark, Vodafone Group owns no interest in the company, but rather franchises the brand and associated advertising styles.

Vodafone Iceland offers mobile, fixed-line, and ADSL/Internet services to individuals and companies. Its telecommunications branch is a franchise of the Vodafone network, formerly known as Og Vodafone and from 5 October 2006 as Vodafone Iceland.[1] Vodafone Iceland is the first partner network to hold the Vodafone brand. The company is registered in Iceland under the name Fjarskipti hf.

From 22 November 2006, Vodafone Iceland also runs Digital Iceland, the broadcasting system for 365 corporation.[2]

The main competitor of Vodafone Iceland is Síminn.

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