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Vodafone Italia S.p.A.
Public Limited Company
Industry Telecommunications
  • 1995 (Omnitel)
  • 2003 (Vodafone Italia)
Headquarters Ivrea (TO)
Key people
Products Mobile Fibre, ADSL and telephone
Revenue Increase 46,4 billions £
Decrease 7 billions £
Owner Vodafone Group PLC
Number of employees
6835 (2015)
Parent Vodafone (100%)
Website www.vodafone.it

Vodafone Italia S.p.A. (former Omnitel Pronto-Italia, now branded Vodafone Italia) is an Italian telephony company (even though it is legally resident in the Netherlands), which has approximately 26,000,000 mobile customers with a market share of 29,5% (placing itself just behind TIM) and 2,300,000 customers on fixed lines with a market share of 10,2% (behind Telecom Italia and Infostrada). Vodafone Italia is a fully owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group plc (100.00%).


In December 1995, Omnitel Pronto Italia launched its services in Italy. Omnitel was a mobile operator and Infostrada (today owned by Wind) was a fixed-line operator. They belonged to Olivetti and represented the first telephone alternative to monopolists TIM and Telecom Italia.

Original majority owner Olivetti sold its interest in Omnitel and Infostrada to the German consortium Mannesmann (which had been a minority shareholder since 1997) after Olivetti took control of Telecom Italia, and thus TIM, in 1999. Mannesmann took control of Omnitel with a 53.7% equity stake.

The following year, Vodafone purchased Mannesmann, thus taking control of Omnitel. The Vodafone brand was introduced as Omnitel-Vodafone in 2001, made the primary brand as Vodafone-Omnitel in 2002; finally the current name Vodafone Italia was introduced in 2003, dropping "Omnitel" altogether. Vodafone Italy introduced the new Speechmark Logo only on 10 June 2007.

The company slogan varied from that of the international Vodafone campaign (Make the most of now) and was Life is NOW, but now is the same global one power to you. The company website was known as 190.it as 190 is the customer care number for Vodafone Italy. Starting from July 2008, the company URL has been changed from "190.it" to "vodafone.it". The company's spokesmodel from 1999 to 2006, for both Omnitel and Vodafone, was Australian model Megan Gale, which rose to fame thanks to these advertisings.[1]

Since taking over the company, Vodafone has introduced its suite of services in Italy, such as Vodafone live! and UTMS/HSPDA services, and has collaborated in partnership to launch of Mobile virtual network operators for other corporations.

In 2007, like in Spain, Vodafone Italy has bought the Italian branch of Tele2,[2] renaming later as TeleTu in 2010, adding fixed-line network offers.

The strategic plan Spring Vodafone provides coverage of 150 major Italian cities with its own fiber optic network (FTTC or FTTH depending on location), with the aim to achieve by the end of 2016 25% of the Italian population, or more than 7 million Italian households and businesses.

Network and coverage (Italy)[edit]

Mobile network[edit]

The mobile network of Vodafone Italy is made (since updated to 03/31/2015) from 19.039 physical sites, of which:

  • 16.724 base transceiver station GSM (2G)
  • 18.376 base transceiver station UMTS (3G)
  • 12.956 base transceiver station LTE (4G)

Through which it was possible to achieve the following coverage of national mobile network:

Network Full Speed Coverage System Update
Download ↓ Upload ↑ Cities Population (%) Tecnhology Frequencies used
2G 99,8% GSM / GPRS / EDGE 900 MHz / 1800 MHz October 2015
3G 14,4 Mbit/s 384 kbit/s 97,1% UMTS / HSDPA 900 MHz / 2100 MHz
42,2 Mbit/s 5,76 Mbit/s 5.800 DC-HSPA+ December 2015
4G 100 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s 6.000 94,0% LTE 800 MHz / 1800 MHz
2600 MHz
225 Mbit/s 700 LTE-Advanced

International roaming[edit]

In addition, Vodafone Italy has signed international roaming agreements in 238 countries, also including Russia and India, for a total of 707 operators.
Of these, about 90 operators allow you to reach the 4G-LTE coverage in 70 countries worldwide (updated on 06/30/2015).

Fixed network[edit]

Technology Full Speed Coverage Typology Update
Download ↓ Upload ↑
ADSL 7 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s WLR
ADSL2+ 20 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s ULL
Fiber FTTC
30 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s 215 total
(of which 91 municipalities in SLU)
VULA December 2015
100 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s SLU
Fiber FTTH 300 Mbit/s Bologna, Milan and Turin GPON

Thanks to the use of:

  • 13.000 DSLAM (cabinet) in fiber optic (FTTC)

Customers (in Italy)[edit]

Mobile Telephony[edit]

Decrease 24,7 milion mobile lines (for a market share of 26.5%)
Increase 11,7 milion smartphones used on the Vodafone network
Increase 4 milion lines of 4G network

Fixed Telephony[edit]

Increase 2,3 milion of total fixed lines (for a market share of 10.4%)
Increase 1,9 milion broadband ADSL and fiber (for a market share of 12.8%)


Increase 2,8 milion SIM (of which 47% is used in applications of info-mobility and Smart Card)

Source: Osservatorio trimestrale sulle Telecomunicazioni (Aggiornato al 30 settembre 2015)


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