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Vodafone Libertel B.V.
Subsidiary of Vodafone
Industry Telecommunications
Founded September 1995 (as Libertel)
Headquarters Maastricht, Netherlands
Parent Vodafone
Website www.vodafone.nl

Vodafone Libertel B.V., part of the Vodafone Group, is the second largest mobile phone company in the Netherlands, and was previously called Libertel. The mobile phone system uses GSM 900 and GSM 1800. It offers 2G GSM, 2.5G GPRS, 3G UMTS 3.5G HSDPA and 3.75G HSPA+.


Vodafone saw Libertel undergo a major rebranding exercise on its acquisition by the group. Other Vodafone subsidiaries also went through a similar transition, to create the first truly global mobile telecommunications company, with the familiar 'look and feel' throughout the world. Vodafone Netherlands is based in Maastricht and Amsterdam and has around 2,800 employees.

Vodafone Netherlands currently has 5.2 million mobile customers.[1] Vodafone Netherlands also has two MVNOs using its network called Blyk (launched in May 2010) and hollandsnieuwe (launched in January 2011).

A merger was announced on 16 February 2016 with Liberty Global.


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