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Malta "Vodka"
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Eurovision Song Contest 2008 entry
Finals performance
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Appearance chronology
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"Vodka" was the song that represented Malta at Eurovision Song Contest 2008, in Belgrade, Serbia. It was sung by Gozitan singer Morena.[1]

The authors of the song, Gerard James Borg (lyrics) and Philip Vella (music) have had songs in Eurovision five times (2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 & 2008).[2]

"Vodka" won the Malta Song for Europe 2008 with total 78 points (49 votes from the jury and 16,979 from the public).[3] The jury gave the same (not maximal) number of points to two other songs, but public sympathies were on the side of "Vodka" to beat the runner-up by a wide margin.[4]

The song speaks of a spy in Gorky Park in Moscow, "in a danger zone" where everywhere is "pitch dark". She is being chased because she deciphered the code which everyone wants so badly, and the word is "Vodka".[5]

"Vodka" is sung in English, but starts with the word Na Zdarovye, a supposedly Russian word for "Cheers!" toast.[6]

The song sparked comments that it was crafted to attract Eastern Europeans'[who?] votes, but the authors denied the accusations saying that the song was not even intended to enter the competition.[2][4]

The song title is a source of numerous puns in newspaper titles, but Morena in her interview says she does not like vodka and in fact rarely drinks alcohol.[7]

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, "Vodka" was sung in the 2nd semifinal on Thursday 22 May 2008, where it received 38 points and placed 14th in the semifinal, with Malta failing to qualify for the final for the second time.

The song was succeeded as Maltese representative at the 2009 contest by Chiara with "What If We".


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