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Vodka Cruiser is a brightly coloured vodka-based alcoholic drink, with an alcohol content of 4.6%. Sometimes described as an alcopop, this premixed drink is available in seventeen flavours, including guava, lemon, lime, passion fruit, pineapple, raspberry, availability of flavours differs depending on location. The product originates from New Zealand, and is produced by Independent Liquor, a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries.

These drinks normally come in 275 ml (9.3 oz) bottles, so each bottle contains slightly less alcohol than a standard shot.

In New Zealand, Vodka Cruisers are also sold in a 7% alcohol, premium formulation that is sold at retail in cardboard packages containing 12 cans of 250 ml each. According to the package labelling, each can has an alcohol content equivalent to 1.6 standard drinks.

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