Vodla River

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Vodla River
Origin Lake Vodlozero
Mouth Lake Onega
Basin countries Russia
Length 149 km
Source elevation ?
Avg. discharge 130 m³/s
Basin area 13,700 km²

Vodla (Russian: Водла, Finnish: Vodlajoki) is a river in the south-east of Republic of Karelia, Russia. The town of Pudozh is located along Vodla. The river rises in Lake Vodlozero, a large freshwater lake in the southeastern part of Karelia. After rising in Lake Vodlozero, the river flows south for 175 kilometers before turning west into Lake Onega, Europe's second largest lake. From there, the Vodla flows a further 224 kilometers before flowing into Lake Ladoga. The Vodla's water is soft and humic.[1]


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Lake Vodlozero
Lake Onega

Coordinates: 61°47′50″N 35°57′53″E / 61.7973°N 35.9647°E / 61.7973; 35.9647