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Vodohod is a Russian cruise company and river cruise line operator, founded in 2004 by the Volga Shipping Company and named after Ivan Kulibin’s “water-going vessel” or “water-goer”. The company has its headquarters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. After merging with Volga Flot Tour company operates more than 50 passenger ships along rivers of Volga, Don, Kama, the Moscow and Volga-Don canals, the Volga-Baltic Waterway, Northern-Western rivers, lakes Ladoga and Onega.[1]

The company is also planning the launch of two, twin Finnish-built expedition ships under the codename Project Vega [2] for delivery in 2021 and 2022.

Vodohod cruise ships[edit]

Funnel of the cruise ship Rus, painted in Vodohod's colors

The home ports of the ships sailing under the Russian flag are Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg.[3]

Valerian Kuybyshev class[edit]

Valerian Kuybyshev-class motorships (Project 92-016)
Month and year of build Hull No[4] Image Name Captain Crew Owned by Vodohod since Status
December 1975 2001 1981. Пассажирский теплоход Валериан Куйбышев на почтовой марке.jpg Valerian Kuybyshev Aleksandr Gribov February 2012 MMSI number: 273365010
1977 2002 Projekt 92-016 Fjodor Schaljapin 1.JPG Fyodor Shalyapin Aleksandr Gromov March 2012 originally, the Kliment Voroshilov
1978 2003 Feliks Dzerzhinski ship.jpg Feliks Dzerzhinskiy Mikhail Kucherov February 2012
1979 2004 92 016 kuchkin.jpg Sergey Kuchkin March 2012 originally, the Georgiy Dimitrov MMSI number: 273364090
April 1980 2005 Projekt 92-016 Michail Frunse.jpg Mikhail Frunze Aleksandr Sainov February 2012
1981 2006 Mstislav Rostropovich in North River Port 25-jun-2012 01.JPG Mstislav Rostropovich March 2012 originally, the Mikhail Kalinin
1981 2007 Теплоход суворов.JPG Aleksandr Suvorov Igor Burenkow February 2012 MMSI number: 273361090
1981 2008 92 016 budyonnyy.jpg Semyon Budyonnyy Vitaly Kisten March 2012
April 1983 2009 92 016 zhukov 1.jpg Georgiy Zhukov Viktor Progorshnev February 2012

Vladimir Ilyich class[edit]

Vladimir Ilyich-class motorships (Project 301)
Month and year of build Hull No[5] Image Name Captain Crew Owned by Vodohod since IMO Status
July 1976 329 Makaryev Monastery.jpg Konstantin Korotkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Silantyev February 2012 7515432 originally, the Sovetskaya Ukraina, MMSI number: -7515432
September 1977 332 Nizhniy Novgorod in North River Port 25-jun-2012 03.JPG Nizhniy Novgorod Vladimir Vassilyevich Chervyakov February 2012 7617785 originally, the Sovetskaya Rossiya, MMSI number: -7617785
April 1980 339 Konstantin Fedin river cruise ship side.jpg Konstantin Fedin Mikhail Stepanov February 2012 8031354 MMSI number: 999999952
November 1980 371 Север России (97).JPG Vissarion Belinskiy Aleksandr Nikolaevich Protasyev March 2012 8031378
August 1981 373 301 chernyshevskiy.jpg Nikolay Chernyshevskiy February 2012 8131520
May 1982 375 Aleksandr Radishchev on Khimki Reservoir 25-jun-2012 01.JPG Aleksandr Radishchev Vassily Nikolaevich Meshkov February 2012 8225682

Dmitriy Furmanov class[edit]

Dmitriy Furmanov-class motorships (Project 302)
Month and year of build Hull No[6] Image Name Captain Crew Owned by Vodohod since IMO Status
September 1984 382 MS Konstantin Simonov an der Anlegestelle in Uglitsch.jpg Konstantin Simonov February 2012 8422618 MMSI number: -8422618
April 1985 383 Yaroslavl river station 2010.jpg Leonid Sobolev February 2012 8501000 MMSI number: -8501000
July 1986 387 Zosima Shashkov river cruise ship.jpg Zosima Shashkov Vladimir Vitalyevich Mironov 98 February 2012 8620090 MMSI number: 273368010
May 1987 389 Russ (ship, 1987).jpg Rus February 2012 8707666
June 1987 390 Ленин бауман302.JPG Lenin February 2012 8707678 MMSI number: -8707678
September 1988 394 Georgiy Chicherin river cruise ship.jpg Georgiy Chicherin Alexei Yuryevich Tsaryov 102–110 February 2012 8822507

Anton Chekhov class[edit]

Anton Chekhov-class motorships (Project Q-056)
Month and year of build Hull No[7] Image Name Captain Crew Owned by Vodohod since IMO Status
May 1979 K714 Shipping on the River Volga. (4).jpg Lev Tolstoy Vladimir Belodvortsev[8] February 2012 MMSI number: 273350150

Maksim Gorkiy class[edit]

Maksim Gorkiy-class motorships (Project Q-040)
Month and year of build Hull No[9] Image Name Captain Crew Owned by Vodohod since IMO Status
April 1974 K704 040горький.JPG Maksim Gorkiy Sergey Batyalov[10] 66 February 2012 MMSI number: 997799990
October 1974 K705 Aleksandr Pushkin in North River Port 20-jun-2012 02.JPG Aleksandr Pushkin Aleksandr Sorochkin[11] 66 February 2012

Other ships[edit]

  • Vodokhod
  • Voskhod-24
  • Debarkader-109
  • Debarkader-676
  • Inturist-1
  • Moskva-13
  • Moskva-59
  • Moskva-72
  • Moskva-143
  • Moskva-198
  • Moskovskiy-15
  • Neva-2
  • Neva-4
  • OM-454
  • Otdykh-1
  • Plotovod-678
  • PP-1
  • PP-8
  • PP-11
  • PP-813
  • PP-817

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