Vogeltown, Taranaki

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Basic information
Local authority New Plymouth
North New Plymouth centre
Northeast Brooklands
East Highlands Park
West Frankleigh Park
Northwest Westown

Vogeltown is a suburb of New Plymouth, in the western North Island of New Zealand. It is located to the southeast of the city centre and east of Frankleigh Park.[1] The suburb was named after Sir Julius Vogel,[2] Prime Minister of New Zealand in the 1870s.


Vogeltown School[3] is a contributing primary (years 1-6) school with a decile rating of 6 and a roll of 298 as of 2015.[4] The school was established in temporary premises in July 1915 and moved to its own site in May 1919.[5]

New Plymouth Seventh Day Adventist School is a state integrated full primary (years 1-8) school with a decile rating of 8 and a roll of 36 as of 2015.[6]

Both schools are coeducational.


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Coordinates: 39°4′42″S 174°4′47″E / 39.07833°S 174.07972°E / -39.07833; 174.07972