Voghji (river)

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Kapan river mot.jpg
Voghji river in Kapan
Rivers of Armenia.jpg
Voghdji river and its basin (dark green) within Armenia
Country Armenia
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
Basin features
Main source Mount Kaputjugh
39°09′22″N 46°01′01″E / 39.1560878°N 46.0170085°E / 39.1560878; 46.0170085
River mouth Aras (river)
39°01′53″N 46°45′23″E / 39.0314526°N 46.7562675°E / 39.0314526; 46.7562675Coordinates: 39°01′53″N 46°45′23″E / 39.0314526°N 46.7562675°E / 39.0314526; 46.7562675
Physical characteristics
Length 82 km (51 mi)

Voghji (Armenian: Ողջի) is a river on the south slopes of the Lesser Caucasus range, and is a left tributary of Araks. It flows through the territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In its upper reaches it has formed a deep canyon which, near the city of Kapan, turns into a wide valley. It is fed by a range of sources.

Along the banks lie the cities of Kajaran and Kapan.

On the river there are Kapans and Voghji hydro-electric power stations.

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