Vogts Villa

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Vogts Villa
Morten Harket - Vogts Villa.jpg
Studio album by Morten Harket
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Alternative rock
Folk rock
Length 41:44
Label Warner Music Norway
Producer Kaare Chr. Vestrheim
Morten Harket
Morten Harket chronology
Wild Seed
Vogts Villa
Letter from Egypt

Vogts Villa (Vogt's Villa in English) is a 1996 album by Norwegian singer Morten Harket, sung in Norwegian.

The song "Vuggevise" is a Norwegian-language re-recording of the song "Lay Me Down Tonight" which appeared on Harket's previous album, Wild Seed. "Jeg Kjenner Ingen Fremtid" has been given new English text and, as "All Of You Concerned", appears as a bonus track on the German edition of the single Darkspace (You're With Me);[1] the second single from Harket's 2008 album Letter from Egypt.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tilbake Til Livet (Returning to Life)
  2. Jeg Kjenner Ingen Fremtid (Don't Know a Future)
  3. Herre I Drømmen (Master of Dreams)
  4. Fremmed Her (Stranger Here)
  5. Søndag Morgen (Sunday Morning)
  6. Gammal Og Vis (Old and Wise)
  7. Taksameteret Går (The Taxi-Meter Goes)
  8. Himmelske Danser (Celestial Dances)
  9. Lyser Når Du Drar (Shines When You Leave)
  10. Vuggevise (Lullaby)


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