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Voice FM
CitySouthampton, England

Voice FM is a Community Radio Station that covers Southampton, England and the surrounding areas. Their main audience is students and take the style of contemporary hit radio, as well as showcasing homegrown talent.[1][2]


Voice FM began in 2011 with a commitment to supplying the south with hit music, as well as leading its radio training services. Voice FM have employed over 100 volunteers - all of whom work free of charge, as is ordinary in Community Radio. The station has discovered and championed "homegrown" artists such as Alt-J.[citation needed]


The schedule for Voice FM takes a simple format - with the breakfast show kicking off each day form 7-10AM (or 8-10 on weekends), and the DriveTime show from 4-6PM. From 6PM, the shows turn specialist and move away from the contemporary pop. Within these hours the genres range from soul music to classic rock.[3] Notable specialist shows include the Decades of Dance show, the Soul Train with Don Jon and the nightly Club Mix sessions.[4]

The Breakfast Show heavily features that week's playlist, as well as two "Fresh" tracks and the "Homegrown Hit". The DriveTime Show follows the same format, but with more of an emphasis on street music. The Saturday Breakfast Show is the most prolific installment of the week, as presenters attempt to break World records and mock the "contemporary" playlist with their own "Guilty Pleasure of the Week" segment.[5]

Notable presenters[edit]


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