Voice of Baceprot

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Voice of Baceprot
Voice of Baceprot.jpg
Background information
OriginGarut, West Java, Indonesia
GenresNu Metal, Funk Metal, thrash metal, progressive metal, rap metal
Years active2014 (2014)
  • Firdda Kurnia (vocals, guitar)
  • Euis Siti Aisyah (drums)
  • Widi Rahmawati (bass)

Voice of Baceprot, also known as VoB (the word for "noisy" in Sundanese, their ethnic language), is a three-piece metal band from Indonesia.[1][2][3] The members, Firdda Kurnia (vocals, guitar), Euis Siti Aisyah (drums) and Widi Rahmawati (bass) met and formed the band in 2014, as schoolgirls.[1][2] Their school's music teacher, Erza Satia, is now their manager.[1]

The trio, who are all Muslims, have faced opposition from conservative Muslims, in their home town of Garut, in West Java.[1][4] However, others have been supportive.[4][5]

Kurnia said:[4]

Wearing a hijab should not be a barrier to the group's pursuit of its dream of being heavy metal stars... I think gender equality should be supported because I feel I am still exploring my creativity, while at the same time, not diminishing my obligations as a Muslim woman

All three wear the hijab on stage. Siti, the drummer, stated that her parents originally opposed her involvement in the group, but changed their minds when the band won an award at a music festival. They sing in English language as well as Sundanese, and have gained a wide social media presence outside Indonesia.[6]


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