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Voice of Lebanon (in Arabic صوت لبنان, transliterated as Sawt Lebnan, also known in French as Voix du Liban or by the abbreviation VDL) is a private radio station in Lebanon. Since December 2010, it is the name of two rival Lebanese radio stations using the name.[1]


Voice of Lebanon was established by the Lebanese Kataeb Party (Phalanges Party) in 1958 during the 1958 Lebanon crisis. It broadcast for a few months and ceased broadcasts with the departure of Lebanese President Camille Chamoun and arrival of President Fuad Chehab.

With the onslaught of the Lebanese Civil War, the station resumed its broadcasts in 1975 initially using the medium wave and later on also broadcasting on FM.

Two separate radio stations[edit]

Logo of Voice of Lebanon 100.3 / 100.5

Since 1 December 2010, two radio stations have been operating under the same name:

Logo of Voice of Lebanon 93.3
  • Voice of Lebanon (in Arabic صوت لبنان), independent non-partisan, broadcast from Dbayeh, Matn District north of Beirut, on 93.3 MHz (with additional frequencies 93.1 MHz and 93.6 MHz), using the official website http://www.vdl.com.lb/


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