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The Voice of Roma is an advocacy and human rights group, founded in 1996, for Roma people based in America, with projects across the USA and Europe, most notably in Kosovo.


VOR have published a number of pamphlets by activist Paul Polansky.


They are running a Romany language radio station from Belgrade called "Khrlo e Romengo” – “Voice of Roma”,


According to their website, the current board is:

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Sani Rifati, President
  • Carol V. Bloom, CFO
  • Anna Marie Stenberg, Secretary
  • Bruce Cochran, Vice President
  • Merrilyn Joyce
  • E. Ann Neel, PhD
  • Carol Silverman, PhD
  • Julia Pecak
  • Petra Gelbart

VOR International Advisory Board[edit]

  • Enisa Eminova
  • Danny Fryer
  • Ian Hancock
  • Marie Pierre Lahaye
  • Esma Redzepova
  • Rev. Richard Ramsey
  • Dragan Ristic
  • Dusan Ristic
  • Sunil Sharma
  • Marjan Sax
  • Jud Nirenberg