Voice of San Diego

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Type Daily news website (Monday through Saturday)
Format online
Owner(s) nonprofit
Founded 2005
Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
Website voiceofsandiego.org

Voice of San Diego is a nonprofit news organization focused on issues affecting the San Diego region.


Voice of San Diego is an online-only local newspaper. Established in 2005,[1] it was one of a number of such publications that emerged around that time in responsive to cutbacks in traditional local print newspapers.[2][3][4] The site is known for both its news coverage and local investigative reporting.[1][4][5] The website is partially funded by grants, but is financed primarily on a paid membership model. In 2016, Voice of San Diego launched the News Revenue Hub, a pilot project aimed at helping other nonprofit news organizations adopt its model. Members of the pilot include Honolulu Civil Beat, InsideClimate News, The Lens, and New Jersey Spotlight.[6][7][8] It has won a variety of local journalism awards from the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (for reports exposing corruption at the San Diego Unified School District)[9] and from the San Diego Press Club.[10][11]


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