Voice of the Seven Woods

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Voice of the Seven Woods
Rick Tomlinson performing at Folkyeah Spring Festival in Big Sur, California on 20 April 2007.
Background information
Origin Bolton, England
Genres Experimental, Freak folk, Psychedelic rock
Years active 2003–present
Labels Twisted Nerve Records
Frst Prsn
Great Pop Supplement
Blackest Rainbow
Sloow Tapes
Kning Disk
Associated acts Dakota Oak
Dave Tyack
Hush Arbors
Andy Votel
Website Official site
Members Rick Tomlinson
Chris Walmsley
Pete Hedley

Voice of the Seven Woods is the project of a Bolton based musician, Rick Tomlinson, who has released several 7" EPs and self-released CD-Rs. The band (with Chris Walmsley) is most commonly associated with the Manchester alternative music scene, and is regularly associated with the B-Music collective; a Manchester based DJ, Music and Arts collaboration that includes DJ Andy Votel, Super Furry Animals's frontman Gruff Rhys and various other DJs & artists.

Rick Tomlinson began his association with Twisted Nerve Records[1] when he played guitar alongside Dave Tyack[2] on various releases.

Rick's debut album was released on 6 August 2007. Eponymously titled, it was released on both CD and Gatefold vinyl. The US version, distributed by B-Music, contains 2 bonus tracks. It is one of his few unlimited releases to date.

He has played several notable festivals including Green Man Festival in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, again in 2006 and 2007,[3] and the Moseley Folk Festival, Birmingham.[4]

After a period of performing solo, the live band is currently a trio of Rick, Chris Walmsley on drums and Pete Hedley on bass.


Studio albums[edit]


  • Voice of the Seven Woods - CDR EP (self released, 2006)
  • The Withering of the Boughs - 3" CDR (First Person, 2006)
  • Tchantinler EP - CDR (Tchantinler, 2006)
  • Unitarian Chapel 3" CDR (Tchantinler, 2007) - Audience member-limited edition of 47.
  • The Journey - CD EP (self released, 2006 - reissued on Kning Disk, 2008)
  • The Far Golden Peak Part One CDR (Blackest Rainbow Records, 2007) Limited to 333 copies on cd, 33 copies of cassette.
  • Seventh Step - Tour CDR (self released, 2007)
  • Black Morning - Cass, S/Sided (Sloow Tapes, 2007) Limited to 100 copies.
  • The Holy Harbour - 10" EP (Twisted Nerve, 2007)
  • VVIIW - CDR (self released, 2008)

Live albums[edit]

  • Solo Guitar Recordings - US Tour CDR (self released, 2006)
  • Night time recordings from Göteborg (as Rick Tomlinson) CD (Kning Disk, 2008)


  • An Hour Before Dawn - 7" Single (Twisted Nerve, 2006)
  • The Firefly Dusk - 7" Single (Twisted Nerve, 2006)
  • Kafamdaki Yangin - 7" Single (Twisted Nerve, 2007) Limited to 500 copies.


  • Svarka (Rick Tomlinson w/ Chris Walmsley) - Split 7" Single (Twisted Nerve, 2003)
  • Gone On The Way To Know - Split 7" with Hush Arbors (Great Pop Supplement, 2007)

Forthcoming Releases[edit]

In a Blog posted on his Myspace page, Rick Tomlinson made reference to a number of future projects.[5]

He says that he is planning on shelving the Voice of the Seven Woods name (For the foreseeable future at least.) It seems that he plans on releasing material under his own name.

Appearances on Compilations[edit]

A Kind of Awe And Reverence and Wonder - CD Comp on Twisted Nerve

Ihmettelenpä Sanoi Kampela Jos Lahana On Pliisu - CDR Comp on 267 Lattajjaa records (Limited to 100)

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents - CD Comp on Twisted Nerve


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