Voice of the Xtabay

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Voice of the Xtabay
Studio album by Yma Sumac
Released 1950
Recorded 1950
Genre Exotica, world, mambo, lounge
Label Capitol
Producer Alan Livingston
Yma Sumac chronology
Voice of the Xtabay

Voice of the Xtabay is the first studio album by Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac. It was released in 1950 by Capitol Records. It was produced and composed by Les Baxter, along with Moisés Vivanco and John Rose. Sumac sings on the album, accompanied by ethnic percussion and musical variations influenced by the music of Peru.[1] Sumac had a notable vocal range, of nearly five octaves.

The songs Virgin of the Sun God, High Andes! and Earthquake were used in the 1954 film Secret of the Incas which featured Sumac as Kori-Tica.

The album was reissued in the UK in 1956 with different artwork.[2][3]

The album has sold a half a million copies since its release. [4]

Track listing[edit]

Standard edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Virgin of the Sun God (Taita Inty)" Moisés Vivanco 3:06
2. "Lure of the Unknown Love (Xtabay)" Les Baxter, John Rose 3:18
3. "High Andes! (Ataypura!)" Vivanco 3:04
4. "Monkeys (Monos)" Vivanco 2:40
5. "Chant of the Chosen Maidens (Accla Taqui)" Les Baxter, Rose 2:43
6. "Dance of the Winds (Wayra)" Vivanco 3:02
7. "Earthquake (Tumpa!)" Vivanco 3:20
8. "Dance of the Moon Festival (Choladas)" Vivanco 2:33


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